Signature Kitchen and Bath helps customers with large or small projects. They can transform even small spaces into a relaxing and decorative place to be. The designers will meet with you to discuss space, costs, plumbing, drainage, and materials to be used.

They will work up a suitable design and help you pick out the best materials or fixtures for your bathroom. These are some of the trend in 2015 that will help you design a new bathroombathroom remodeling az

Tile designs for floors and showers are patterned and colorful. A colorful tile in a large or small bathroom adds charm. Smaller bathroom with decorative tile look brighter and gives the appearance of more space. Earthy materials and natural stone are popular in bathroom design. It gives the bathroom a earthy look like outdoors. Some bathrooms introduce plants like ferns or small palm trees to heighten the effect.

Many homeowners are looking for large bathrooms connected to their bedrooms. They want custom vanities, freestanding bathtubs, large closets, patterned wall papers, and decorative tile. Smart fixtures that save on water are very popular with consumers.

Showers that give control on temperature and water flow are in. Each person can program the temperature and water flow for their own shower. A mixer can control several showers for a large home or office or bath and shower in one location.

Freestanding baths are very trendy. It sets the tone for relaxation. The tubs are attractive and decorative for any bathroom. They help busy individuals relax after a long day at work. Our staff will help you select the right freestanding or built in tub. It adds to the overall style and design.

Custom vanities designed for specific families are in. Floating vanities provided a modern design and plenty of storage space. Some save space and give smaller bathrooms more room. Many families are adding shaving cupboards, drawers, and smart technology with doors that move out of the way.

Many homes are installing large walk in showers with large panes of glass. There is more choices to use recycled material for a green bathroom. Some consumers are choosing to put in only a shower and not the bathtub. Many owners want plenty of light in the bathroom. They are adding skylights, windows, and LED lighting.

Many customers hate cold bathroom floors so they are installing heated floors. Tiny electric coils are spread evenly under the tiles or material selected. Programmable thermostats are embedded in the floor that heat the floor when needed and save you money. Sensor operated faucets save consumers money and are stylish. All you have to do is move your hands near them or touch them to get water. They can be used in sinks and showers.

Signature Kitchen and Bath

Spa bathrooms that reflect Japanese and Chinese themes are popular. They fit in large contemporary homes. Many have built in whirlpools, bamboo floors, or ceiling, plants and even saunas.

Whatever your dream bathroom design, Signature Kitchen and Bathroom Design can help you with the details. They will help you design or re-design large and small spaces based on your budget and tastes. Whether a small bathroom or large upscale project we can help with selection of bathtubs, showers, toilets, facets, tile, flooring and other additions.