The bathroom is a sanctuary in any home, providing comfort after a long day of work or play. It is a place to pamper and relax in, which makes bathrooms one of the key buying points for any homeowner.

When homeowners embark on remodeling their home, the bathroom is generally the first place they begin. From the bathroom fixtures to upgrading the floor or the shower, remodeling the bathroom can be one of the more difficult, but rewarding projects within the home.

When it comes to a luxury remodel of a bathroom, it is important to keep the following things in mind, especially as you start lining up contractors for the remodeling work. Professionals such as Signature Kitchen & Bath are here to help you as you traverse the remodeling world in search of the perfect bathroom.

Design Elements

Design elements are numerous in a luxury bathroom, including lighting, hardware, cabinetry, shower and tub combinations, flooring, paint, vanities, among others. Because a luxury bathroom always has a theme, it is important to begin with one design element and build around it.

Royal BathroomSay, for example, you wish to install a free-standing tub in your bathroom. This is on-trend right now, and many remodeled bathrooms featuring this element combine it with natural materials and soft lighting. Or perhaps you wish to incorporate hardwood or concrete floors, making for a dark, exotic bathroom with stone and glass accessories.

Whatever design element you decide to focus on, make sure that it is the most important element to you. Most people have one feature they must have in their bathroom, and it is common to build the bathroom around it, ensuring that the entire bathroom falls in line with that element for a well-rounded design.

Bathroom Layouts

The size of your bathroom is not so much important as the layout. If you have a large bathroom, but the layout does not mesh well with your needs, then the bathroom space is wasted. If you have a small bathroom with great design but not enough storage, then utilizing the space is key.

Most bathrooms have three key fixtures — the sink, the shower or tub, and the toilet. As long as you and your contractor can find a way to design a layout that incorporates all three, you will be able to find a layout that works for you.

In your new bathroom, you may want to add extra features, like a separate vanity or a free-standing rainfall shower. You may also want to think about extra cabinets for your belongings. When the general draft of the layout is done, you can look over it with your contractor and decide if there is room to input the extra features.

Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

Hiring a remodeling contractor that specializes in luxury bathrooms is easy when you come to Signature Kitchen & Bath. With 25 years of experience, they are professionals who excel in providing you with all you could ask for within your new bathroom. Along with having a great reputation for collaboration and transparency, the team is also renown for the strong relationships they have cultivated with vendors local to the area, ensuring that what you need for your project will always be available to you.

One of the greatest benefits to using the Signature Kitchen & Bath team for a remodeling job is the inclusion of a designer to assist you in the decisions for your new luxury bathroom. Because our team has a dedicated designer on staff, you can be assured of an overall remodeling package that boasts one of the best designers in the city.


The Planning Phase

If you have never planned a remodeling job before, do not worry. The Signature Kitchen & Bath team is here to walk you through it. With our guidance, you will be well on your way to your dream bathroom in no time.

The initial phase is a consultation and design meeting, where our designer meets with you at your home to look at your bathroom, discuss the layout, look over your water allotment, and other important factors that determine the estimate a project manager will give you. A great team will take into consideration your budget, your timeline, and your needs before giving you an estimate.

After you decide on a plan, you will work closely with the project manager and designer to pick out design elements, features, and fixtures. Once your materials have been picked out, construction begins, with your project manager giving you daily updates on the progress of your bathroom.

It is exciting to finally enjoy the bathroom you have always wanted, right in the comfort of your own home. And with the help of Signature Kitchen & Bath, you can relax, knowing the most trusted team in remodeling helped you get there.