Many people are considering updating their bathroom, but may not know where to start. If you are one of them, then your worries are over.

One of the best ways to get started is by searching magazines and the Internet for current designs that inspire you. This year, there have been many innovated bathroom ideas that accommodate just about any taste in decoration and budget. From looks, fixtures, and finishes, there are several that can be used in your project.


These are some of the most popular bathroom trends:

Consider a Master Ensuite

Are you tired of having to walk down the hallway to get to your bathroom? Do you have to share a bathroom with your children? You may want to consider adding an ensuite to your master bedroom. Private bathroom remodeling Phoenix AZ are seeing a huge revival. They often include double vanities, a shower stall, and a luxurious bath tub. With the stress of working and taking care of a family, it is priceless to have your own private retreat. You can create a virtual spa where you can relax and temporarily free yourself from the many cares of the day.

Luxury Soaking Tubs

In centuries past, bathtubs were free standing and were deep enough for a long, relaxing soak. If you are tired of your worn-out tub that is adjoined to the wall, then you will love to have asoaking tub freestanding tub. They are like a work of art, adding a striking sense of beauty to the bathroom. They come in a variety of styles and shapes to fit perfectly in your bathroom. What’s more, you would have you own space to sink down into hot, sudsy water that will relieve muscle tensions and anxiety. No wonder so many homeowners are adding soaking tubs to their new bathrooms!

Geometric Tiles

One of the best ways to add color and depth to a bathroom is with tile. There is a plethora of styles and compositions from which to choose. One of the biggest trends in bathroom décor this year is geometric tiles. They add a polished look without being distracting. Soft, neutral grays are one of the hottest choices now.

Heated Floors

Nothing is more irritating than to step out of a warm bath or shower onto an ice-cold floor. It can diminish your whole sense of relaxation. If you are renovating your bathroom this year, why not consider heated floors. Currently, lots of homeowners are having radiant heat systems put in their bathroom floors.

There are two different types of radiant floor heating systems to consider: electric or hydronic. Both systems will require that you take up your old flooring and put them under the new floor. Since you are remodeling, this is not a problem. With the electric system, special plastic mats with copper wiring are put under the flooring to conduct heat. The hydronic system requires polyethylene tubing under the floor that will create heat by channeling hot water. While radiant floor heating can be a considerable investment, it will more than pay for itself with the comfort it offers you as well as with lower energy bills.

Luxury Showers

Modern BathroomBasic shower stalls are passé in modern bathrooms. Depending on the space that you have in your bathroom, you can have luxury walk-in style showers that have thermostatic mixers for the water. With a waterproof touch screen, you can set the temperature and flow of your showerhead. Many of these showers are lined with premier tiles for a rich look and feel. Certain styles also allow you to sit and relax in the shower or have separate shower heads so two people can shower comfortably at the same time.

If you plan to remodel your bathroom this year, you need professionals who are experienced and will get the job done right. Signature Kitchen and Bath keeps up with current trends in bathroom decorations and have the expertise to guide you through the whole project.

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