The kitchen is often considered the most important room of the home and is a space that is frequently used for entertaining. The condition and style of the space will significantly influence the value of the home and will determine how comfortable it is for both residents and guests. To transform your kitchen and allow it to stand out, there are a few retro designs to incorporate into the space for an incredible environment.

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Pops of Color

Use pops of color in the kitchen to create a retro tone that truly feels vintage. Consider painting the wall above the kitchen cabinets with a unique shade that includes lime green, orange, or brown. You can also use orange interior panels to personalize the glass cabinetry. Consider painting an accent wall in the room with an apple green shade for a more modern color that is still retro but is more updated.

The pops of color can be accompanied by retro features that includes vintage mint appliances, a sunburst wall clock, or a large bubblegum machine for a complete look that flows well.

Install Bamboo Cabinets

Bamboo cabinets are a true blast from the past and will work as the focal point of the kitchen due to their natural design. This will create a 1960s midcentury style in the room as a sleek and stylish feature that will pair well with neutral furnishings. This can also look retro when used with clear blue glass and a retro range hood for a stylish space that looks professionally designed. The bamboo cabinets will also look sleek when paired with satin nickel hardware.

Modular Light Fixtures

Make a statement in your retro kitchen with modular light fixtures for a feature that will work as one of the main focal points of the room. This can be installed over a kitchen island or a nearby dining table with a style that nods to the ’60s. If your walls are bare and natural, consider choosing light fixtures that have a pop of color for a design that is currently trending. Retro light fixtures have recently reemerged as a popular look with the latest kitchen remodeling designs for those who want to embrace a vintage style in their home. Bright light fixtures will also stand out when paired with white lacquered cabinets that are installed for a clean, but bold room.

Butcher Block Countertops

The 1960s were known for incorporating plenty of different wood materials into the kitchen, which includes butcher block countertops. The style has now reemerged with retro kitchen design and helps to balance bright and bold colors that are used in the space. The countertops are unconventional and add extra texture in the room for a durable material that will maintain its appeal for several years.

Kidney-Shaped Bar

An effective way of transforming your kitchen into a retro theme is to build a bar where residents in the home can enjoy dining in a casual space that is plenty comfortable. This can be used with retro stools for a room that models a vintage diner. Consider using a bar countertop that has a different color than the surrounding countertops in the kitchen to ensure that it stands out and adds extra dimension to the kitchen with a fun feature that has a high level of functionality. You can even add clear glass jars on the kidney-shaped bar, which can contain vintage pieces of candy or cookies.

Checkerboard Floors

Retro kitchens that are smaller in size can take advantage of checkerboard floors, which are one of the most popular looks from the past and will enhance the look of the space. Checkerboard floors set the tone in the room and look incredible with mint or orange details in the space. Consider using midcentury furniture to complement the bold flooring design and enhance the aesthetics of the room with daring accents that stand out.


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