While everyone knows that it’s easier to watch a renovation on television, it’s not always as easy as it looks. Sometimes, it’s even harder to get inspired or settle on a home design that you feel you can live with for the next five years. There are some wonderful blogs that can help you find inspiration and allow you to drool over their remodeling projects.

A remodeling contractor like Signature Kitchen & Bath is a terrific asset in the remodeling process since they can handle the complicated renovations to the kitchen and bathroom while you focus on decorating the interior.


On Young House Love, a couple named Sherry and John spent seven years fixing up three homes while raising their children. They’ve provided all their experiences and shared their stories on their website and blog. They have posts about how they installed the backspash in their laundry room as well as the steps they took to hang cabinets.

Anyone who loves retro and vintage decor will be inspired by Retro Renovation. They talk specifically about how to remodel and decorate in a style that is mid-century and vintage. The site will help you pick the perfect mid-century couch, find vintage outdoor lights and choose retro barkcloth fabrics.

For those who love to envy luxurious designs, the site Remodelista might be right for you. They have articles that tell you how you can steal the look of a bedroom suite at a beautiful hotel or how to choose unconventional coffee tables that are unique and stylish.

If you love Victorian homes and enjoy seeing them transformed, Vivacious Victorian will be your new go-to site. A husband and wife chronicle their renovation journey while they restore an old Victorian to its former glory while keeping it historically preserved. If you love old parlors, libraries and pocket doors, this site will keep you delighted for a very long time.

home remodelingAt This Old House, there are hundreds of articles and videos on renovation,, remodeling and repairing old homes. You can watch videos on how to restore old homes, how to install a beautiful tree house and how to install shingles on a gable. In the video section, there are videos on the best way to stop cold air leaks, paint kitchen cabinets and insulating your attic.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a 19th century log home be renovated, the site Cabin Fervor will be an incredibly fascinating site for you. It started as a foreclosure home that had been neglected for years. The before and after photos will amaze and shock you.

The site Housekaboodle calls itself the treasure chest of houses with pictures of fairy tale cottages and tiny houses as well as historic and famous homes. While you’ll find many houses to drool over, they also have some listings of homes for sale if you’re interested in drooling from the inside of one of the lovely homes.

Whether you are renovating your own home or plan to buy a home to renovate in the future, there are incredible home blogs that will be sure to inspire you. While they have many articles, videos and tips on how to renovate and remodel the home DIY-style, there are some renovations that should be left to professionals. As you’ll see on many of the blogs listed, they didn’t renovate when they weren’t comfortable with the process like with the plumbing, electrical and the exterior.