Keeping up with your neighbors, and their very cool kitchen, is really a matter of staying abreast of current design trends. At the 2016 kitchen and bath show over 1,000 companies displayed their new products, providing a glimpse of some hot new kitchen-design trends. New kitchens are featuring fresh, high-tech and colorful designs as well as healthy food preparation areas.

Here are 10 ideas to inspire your next kitchen remodel:

A Dedicated Coffee Center
The latest coffee machine models dispense made-to-order cups of coffee, cappuccino and espresso at the touch of a button, The new, sleek, built-in designs are engineered specifically to free up counter space while still making a great cup of java. Programmable timers will even have your coffee waiting for you in the morning.

Sculptured Stove HoodsSculptured Stove Hoods
The boxy and blah stove hoods of yesteryear are taking a back seat to stylish new molded shapes. The latest models, made from materials like treated shatter-proof glass combined with stainless steel, incorporate novel features such as an over-the-stove spice rack. High-capacity and whisper-quite exhaust fans keep the rest of the house free of cooking odors while still allowing for a polite level of conversation.

Modern Cabinetry
New cabinets designs have gone minimalist and modern with floating shelf systems hidden behind sliding doors with hidden latches that open at a touch. Modern new door surfaces, like aluminum, high-gloss lacquer, bamboo and semi-translucent glass, provide a bright, modern and shiny feel.

Dual-Fuel Ranges
Culinary artists have long debated the relative merits of gas vs. electric ranges, so major stove manufacturers have tried to put an end to the argument by offering professional-quality cooking appliances that combine the even performance of electric with the power of gas in one unit.

Computerized Appliances
Next-generation appliances are becoming computer-literate and regulated, with multifunctional, interactive, cyber-smart technology. The Samsung’s HomePAD refrigerator is one of the first prototypes offering features such as internet capabilities for e-mail, text messaging and streaming videos.

Designer Dishwashers
Higher-end manufacturers are offering attractive dishwasher models, hidden by cabinet doors, that can both clean and store your dishes without you having to empty the dishwasher. Some compact units can holds over a dozen place settings, making cleaning up even after a large dinner party a virtually breeze.

Modern Cabinetry
modern cabinetsCounters are being transformed from ordinary to extraordinary with customized touches like marble slab and wooden butcher-blocks inserts. New ideas mix different materials, like concrete embedded with pieces of metal, glass and stone. Stainless steel, sealed concrete and woods like mahogany are becoming very popular. Engineered quartz, with most of the advantages of natural stone without the cost and maintenance needs, are becoming very popular.

Wine Coolers
Wine connoisseurs have options of wine refrigerators that hold up to 150 bottles down to more compact models with drawers that will fit unobtrusively under a counter and still hold enough wine for a diner party. State-of-the-art models are built with microprocessors and a digital cooling systems that maintain both ideal temperature and humidity levels in multiple zones for proper storage of both white and red wines.

Light fixtures are also high on the list of kitchen remodeling ideas. Under counter and over cabinet accent lights are both functional and decorative, drawing attention to dishes and glassware while lighting up the workspace. For example, sconce lighting will spill light upwards and create an attractive backdrop while lighting up dim areas. Kitchen islands and cooking areas can be lit up with bigger decorative overhead lighting fixtures.

Ceilings that Make You Go Wow!
More emphasis is being placed on designing high ceilings that draw attention and make the room look larger and seem more airy. Valuated ceilings with skylights, to flood the room with natural light, and accommodate taller cabinets are becoming increasing popular. Tall ceilings will also make even the smallest kitchen seem larger when the entire family gathers in the most popular room in the house during holiday celebrations.


All told there are enough new ideas to insure your kitchen remodel is anything but boring. Regardless of which options you decide to go with, Signature Kitchen & Bath can help you with all aspects of you kitchen remodeling Scottsdale project from conception to completion.