Your bathroom can be a sanctuary for relaxation with the right style, high-end finishes and comfortable surroundings. Creating a tropical paradise in your bathroom is as simple as a remodeling project that incorporates the elements of the Caribbean or South Pacific. Soft breezes, turquoise waters and beautiful foliage in a bright, cheerful environment will heighten your senses and enrich your relaxation in a bathroom that reflects your tropical taste and personal style.


Oceanic Colors

Your bathroom’s tropical design can include soothing colors of the ocean, shells and sea life. If you are partial to greens and blues, these colors can easily provide the effect of a tropical ocean. If you prefer softer colors, beige, soft pinks and other colors of sand and shells will match your taste. If you enjoy vivid colors, you can choose a decor that features tropical fish in every color of the rainbow. With many design elements and materials on the market, your bathroom’s design is only limited by the depth of your itropical bathroommagination. Signature Kitchen and Bath Phoenix can help you plan out your dream tropical inspired home design.
Sparkling Tile

Tile is a solid choice for any bathroom environment, with functional, practical use in a beautiful style element. Tile is often seen as square beige flooring material or a small white wall covering, but tile is available in so many colors, textures and materials that your choices are nearly endless. Choose a wall or flooring tile that looks like wood or pebbles, or you can select a glass mosaic tile that sparkles with the depth of the ocean. Glass tile has even transitioned to flooring, with many beautiful styles providing a glamorous, customized look. Natural stone may also be a design element to consider – bringing the outdoors inside for a touch of elegance.
Plants and Palms

Plants are an essential part of a tropical bathroom remodel, and plants tend to do very well in bathrooms where there is plenty of access to water and high humidity. Many bathrooms, however, do not provide enough light for plants; your remodel is the time to address this need and consider making changes to your bathroom’s design. A skylight may be a welcome addition, or an enlarged privacy window and glass block walls will provide the opportunity to bring natural light into the room.
Water Fixtures

Modern plumbing companies have manufactured a wide variety of unique plumbing fixtures in recent years, with everything from shower heads that provide a whole-body rainshower experience to bathtub and sink fixtures that look like waterfalls. Your new tropical bathroom design is a wonderful opportunity to play with these unique fixtures to create a bathroom where turning on the water is an enjoyable experience. A vessel sink and a large soaking tub will give you the upscale look to match a cascade of water from a contemporary waterfall faucet.

tropical island
Mood Lighting

Don’t forget to add lighting that complements your bathroom with bright, natural lighting at the mirror and soft, mood-enhancing lighting throughout the rest of the bathroom. Consider adding a reading light to your bathtub and soft night lighting for illuminating your path in the dark. Even if you’ve added windows or skylights for natural lighting, you’ll want to be able to beautifully light your bathroom at night for your enjoyment and opportunities for peaceful relaxation.


Signature Kitchen & Bath is eager to help you with your tropical bathroom remodeling project. Our designers will assist you with design choices to envision the bathroom space of your dreams, and our construction team will turn your dreams into reality. Our experience, skills and high-quality materials will bring a high-end look to your bathroom, and create a space that you and your family will enjoy