If there is a kitchen style that celebrates practicality, humility, and affordability, then it’s the industrial kitchen style. Initially, it started out as an efficient work environment which has slowly transformed into functional loft-style homes, contemporary penthouses and expansive villas.

In case you haven’t given this kitchen style a shot, this is a very good time for you to shift over and start kitchen remodeling Scottsdale az project. But, there are various aspects you have to keep in mind. To begin with, consider your kitchen layout and where you intend to place your large appliances. Next, focus on storage. Industrial style kitchens have many utensils, pans, pots, and gadgets. You must have enough space to store all of them within easy reach. The ultimate goal here should be creating the most beautiful and functional space possible that will enable you to meet your cooking, eating and entertainment needs. Here are some ideas you will find useful.

Walls and flooring

modern kitchen designThis kitchen style is all about maintaining a raw textural beauty. In simple terms, consider using tiles, bricks, and concrete walls as you plan for your industrial kitchen. Currently, most homeowners prefer brick walls. If you choose the same, don’t forget how valuable the right flooring and exposed steel surfaces are because they will elevate your kitchen to a new level.

Wooden floors with herringbone and chevron patterns and a dark painted floor give an industrial kitchen a great vintage look. Options here are endless. Consider throwing in some open shelves and subway tiled backsplash and you will surely have a captivating kitchen.


To get an exceptional industrial-style kitchen, you have to pick the right accessories and décor. You can personalize some of the décor ideas so as to get a unique style. The kitchen personality should reflect your tastes rather than going down the usual generic path. Also, bring in custom cabinets and shelves, salvaged items, DIY chairs, and pendants or any other incredible flea market finds that will help you in ushering in the aura of exclusivity.

Modern designs

Some people embrace the industrial kitchen style to uncover the balance between edgy overtones and modern refinement that this style delivers. The curated fusion of both styles work beautifully and you can tone the level of industrial beauty by removing or adding numerous décor pieces with time. For instance, an industrial chic kitchen is open to gloss, relieve heavily on lighting the walls and ceiling, is inviting and has posh worktops and cabinets. All this helps in delivering an industrial flavor.

If you have a design commitment issue, begin by adding industrial-styled lighting to your existing kitchen and then you can alter the other pieces like your cabinets over a period. That will assist you to find a perfect blend between the industrial and modern kitchen styles.

Shelving and storage

The industrial style advocates for open shelving since that brings the industrial beauty to the kitchen. It also expands the available shelf space. However, you shouldn’t forget about adding the natural rawness that the shelves need to exude. In case you do have a modern kitchen, stainless steel and raw wood floating shelves will offer you the contrast you need. This style’s shelving lets you use the vertical space along with standalone cabinets and vintage pot racks. Aiding you in maximizing the available room even if your kitchen is tiny.

Having a small kitchen shouldn’t hinder you from changing its style. In fact, open plan living areas are becoming the norm today. Having a small industrial kitchen will add a sense of intrigue and allow you to demarcate the available spaces with ease. Consider adding pops of color and letting in more natural light to give your kitchen a cheerful and airy vibe. If you need a professional opinion get in contact with Signature Kitchen and Bath.