When you are looking forward to starting your home remodeling project, you may have no idea where to begin, or you may have some scattered ideas that are swirling around in your head. The best way to pull your thoughts together and create a plan for your remodel is to create a vision board. As a central location to post your ideas for colors, fabrics, furniture and fixtures, you can narrow your choices and present a focused plan to your architect, contractor and designer.

Identify the Environment You Wish to Create

If you aren’t sure where to start, consider the way you want your new space to feel. Setting a mood and creating an environment that allows you to express your personal style will ensure that you are delighted with the finished space. Perhaps you are dreaming of a light and airy kitchen, or you are hoping for a bathroom with a spa-like ambiance. When you have identified the mood you’d like to create, you can move on to selecting colors, fabrics, decor elements and magazine photos that appeal to you.

home design projectBuild Your Vision Board

Your vision board can be a simple sheet of foam core or poster board, and you can use double-stick tape, adhesive putty or glue to attach your design elements to the board. Hang it in an area where you will be able to see it frequently, and as you change your mind or add new elements, you will be able to envision your remodeling project in new, creative ways. Adding photographs will help you to demonstrate your vision to the professionals who are involved in your remodeling project. Paint samples, fabric swatches and furniture finishes can all be a part of your evolving vision board.

Consider Your Choices and Express your Creativity

As you view and consider the choices on your vision board, you may find that your ideas change and grow as you continue to visualize the reality of your space. You may also continue to see new magazine or online photographs that inspire you to make new choices for how you’d like your space to look and feel. That is the beauty of a vision board; it provides you with the opportunity to see your ideas in an organized way so that you can feel inspired and creative as you formulate your ideas for your remodeling project.

Include Your Family in the Design Process

A vision board is especially helpful when there are multiple family members invested in the design process. By bringing all of your diverse ideas together on one vision board, you can identify themes and narrow your choices to ones that appeal to all the members of your family. When your entire family is involved in the process of selecting the design for your remodeling project, the end result that will be a space that is personal and enjoyable for each member of the family.

The Professional Team of Signature Kitchen and Bath

When you work with Signature Kitchen and Bath for your home remodel, our designers will meet with you in your home to view your vision board and create the professional design plans for your new kitchen or bathroom in Phoenix, AZ. Your ideal budget, construction time frame and design wishes are all an important part of creating a finalized plan. In partnership with your designer, our project manager and site supervisor will work together to implement your wishes with high-quality materials and skilled construction to make your vision board a reality.

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