Remodeling a small bathroom brings some interesting challenges. Some of the most common reasons for remodeling a small bathroom is to add storage and to add at least the appearance of more space. Expanding the bathroom may not
be possible whether because of structural considerations or financial ones. If you are looking for ways to liven up your tiny bathroom, then here at are a few suggestions that might be helpful.

Opening The Space Up 

One of the big challenges of a small space that people often try to address with remodeling is simply making the space appear bigger. When you are not able to actually make it bigger, making it feel roomier helps make it a more inviting place.

bathroom Lighting

One of the best ways make a space look bigger is to light it up. Darkness makes people feel gloomy and crowded and makes things seem smaller. Turning on some light can open a space up quickly. You can certainly consider overhead lighting. Also consider lighting around the mirror, where it can be reflected thus adding more light to the space.


Mirrors are another simple and cost effective way to make a small space look bigger. By reflecting the space, a mirror gives the illusion of depth. And, as previously noted, it can also reflect light.

Light Colors

Dark colors make things look smaller– it is the reason black is such a popular color for clothing. Darker colors will give your space a gloomy, closed in feel. To really make the place feel more spacious, consider lighter or even pastel shades. Even a pale neutral like a sand or a buff color can make a place seem larger. Color scheme is also something that can be incorporated into things like shower tile, counter tops and even plumbing fixtures like the tub and toilet.

Natural Light

While adding light fixtures is a great idea to bring more light into the space, natural lighting can be even better– at least during the day time. Not only do you add light, but you bring a little bit of the outside in. Windows can make a place feel larger by expanding your sense of space. You don’t feel like you are in a cramped little bathroom when you can see trees and sky.

Adding Storage

Another big reason that people remodel small spaces is to add more storage. The first part to creating storage is to figure out what actually needs to be in the space and what can go some place else. Once you figure that out, and you have organized the remaining items, it is time to figure out where to put it.

Cabinets and Drawers

One of the first places to look for space to put storage is under the sink. In a truly small space it is the only place you will find room for a cabinet and some drawers. You might consider adding shelves in the cabinet to maximize the space to it’s fullest potential.

bathroom Shelves

Shelves do not have to go under the cabinet. Shelves can be placed up on the wall. Behind the toilet is a popular space for placing shelves for towels and baskets of toiletries. You might even place a small cabinet there.

Hang It Up

Placing shelving on walls is one way to create storage in a small bathroom. But one can also hang items. Hooks and towel bars are a simple and effective way to find space for towels, robes, clothing. Even hanging a laundry bag in lieu of a
hamper can help to give a place for things you will want inside of your small bathroom.

Once you have decided to remodel your bathroom, you should find a contractor that specializes in baths. You should also be on the look out for a contractor who can offer suggestions, and solutions but is also willing to hear your ideas. Signature Kitchen and Bath is willing to take into consideration your style, budget and time frame. Contact them today to find out what they can do for you.