In these modern times, total relaxation is a primary concern when it comes to luxury Scottsdale bathroom remodel, and this trendy style usually involves a number of upgrades that add value through the transformation of basic, functional spaces to bigger luxurious bathrooms.

Tranquility today

bathroomWithout the inclusion of a steam room and soaking tub, an upgrade to a luxurious bathroom is incomplete, and as a solution, most homeowners today replace the old circa tubs with a quiet and tranquil soaking tub for a truly spa-like experience. For an entirely relaxing experience, this bathtub design is deep and insulated. Steam rooms are equally popular, especially since they make an excellent addition for unwinding after those stressful days. A few straightforward floor and ceiling alterations are all you need to transform them into any bathroom.

Hot Underfoot

Today, heated floor installations are getting ever more popular by the day, particularly with homeowners discovering the benefits offered by adding this feature to their luxury bathrooms. Imagine stepping out of your bathtub on a cold day in winter onto warm tiled floors. Thanks to the new and advanced radiant floor heating technology, heated floors are easy to install.

Bathtub alternatives

For some homeowners, widening shower spaces and creating bigger spa-like settings featuring shower benches by getting rid of baths seems to be the preferred option. As a matter of fact, expanding and opening up the shower space is among the major luxury trends of today, particularly since it results in a truly spa-like feeling.


In Scottsdale, the addition of entertainment in the form of music speakers and flat screen TVs in the luxury bathrooms is a big trend today. The addition of flat screens to the walls offers added convenience towards enjoying the best relaxation while the incorporation of speaker systems enables you to listen to your favorite music just as long as you have the right technology, ensuring ultimate relaxation.

bathtubA successful remodeling project for your bathroom can have quite an impact on your home, and can even enable the enjoyment of a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your home. The remodeling of a bathroom can also significantly impact both the functionality and resale value of your house. A newly redesigned bathroom space looks great, offers fit and functional features as per your lifestyle and can even turn into a tranquility retreat at the end of every stressful day.

However, undertaking a remodel constitutes seriousness and dedication. As such, and because it can often prove an uphill task, professionals are available to offer guidance and assistance when it comes to such projects, but same as every other decision, there are pros and cons involved. The most significant benefits of using Signature Kitchen & Bath as your remodeling contractors include:

Material Selection

Signature Kitchen & Bath includes bathroom designers, builders, and plumbers who have the necessary expertise and experience having worked with building materials such as faucets, vanities, tiles, and counters on a daily basis. As such, we at Signature Kitchen & Bath are more aware when it comes to the quality and pricing of the necessary materials. We also have better knowledge of the type of materials suitable for installation in the wet areas such as shower and bathroom spaces. Hiring a professional home improvement service provider such as Signature Kitchen & Bath ensures that not only will your bathroom design be cohesive, but also that proper materials are used for the job. We also have a better experience regarding the correct mode of installing these materials, all of which assures you the quality of the project will be reliable right from selection to installation.

Building Code Knowledge

Unless your bathroom remodel is as simple as the replacement of a toilet, you will have to pull a permit before you begin the project, regardless of whether you undertake the work on your own, or you engage the services of a professional. Pulling a permit means everything done in your bathroom has to meet the building code standards and also pass inspection once completed. As bathroom installation professionals, we at Signature Kitchen & Bath are quite familiar with the current on state building as well as plumbing codes. We assist in the placement of fixtures and plumbing in the most suitable and correct areas so that the finished design is assured of passing inspection. Undertaking the work on your own means you run the risk of possibly failing inspection, which means redoing much of the work and incurring additional expenses.