If you have plans on remodeling your kitchen in the near future, you will find that quite a few decisions will need to be made as they relate to style and appearance options for several different elements of the room.

Areas that need attention should include cabinets, hardware, flooring, walls, appliances, and sinks and faucets, to name but a few. And, of course, one of the most visible, most utilized areas of the entire kitchen, the countertops.

Countertops, first and foremost, need to be highly functional, easy to work on, and easy to clean. For these reasons, and some others that follow, homeowners are electing to install granite countertops more and more often when it comes to creating a new or reinvigorated look to this highly visible area of the home.

The benefits of having granite countertops Phoenix in the kitchen are many. Some of these include:

Granite has a stunning beauty in its appearance

With a classic, timeless look, it has a certain aura and appeal to it unmatched by any other counter surface. Coming in more than 20 shades, the homeowner can find a color that matches perfectly with the cabinets, walls and flooring.

No two pieces of granite are alike, so any way the homeowner elects to go with their granite selection, it will truly be “one of a kind” in their home.

Granite is extremely tough and durable

kitchen Second only to diamonds in terms of natural materials hardness, granite is very resistant to chipping, cracking or scratching. If somehow the granite does become chipped or scratched, it is relatively easy to fix.

Unlike other countertop surfaces, such as laminates or wood, hot pans off the stove or hot trays out of the oven can be safely placed directly on the granite without marring or burning the surface. It is a heat resistant surface, never affected by such extreme temperature changes.

Granite is very low maintenance

Once the granite is installed, the very first action homeowners must absolutely make before using the granite countertop is to ensure the granite is sealed properly. Many homeowners wish to trust professionals to do this sealing work, but it’s certainly a job the homeowner can do themselves.

Cleanup of the granite surface is extremely easy. Wiping down with a little soap and water, or perhaps a specific cleaner designed for granite, and the surface will stay looking as new as the day it was installed.

Some granites can go 10 years without having to be resealed; some other granites should be resealed on an annual basis. As it is a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive process, many people elect to reseal every year. After all, if the granite somehow does become stained, it’s nearly impossible to get that stain out.

Granite is very versatile

Often becoming the centerpiece of the room, granite is favored for how versatile it can be. Whether it be with squared-off or rounded corners, craftsmen can produce granite countertops and workplaces from any design the homeowner may have in mind, allowing for a great amount of creativity if the owner so chooses.

Granite is cost effective

kitchen Throughout the life of the home, granite should never have to be replaced. Surfaces such as laminates and wood may need refurbishing, refinishing, or replacing 2-3 times in that same period.

A great number of homeowners who have installed granite countertops in their homes have come to realize that granite is a good, sound investment. It has been proven that granite countertops in homes do indeed increase the value of the home, with many homeowners realizing a 100 percent return on this investment.

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