When you think of ideas for remodeling your kitchen, it can involve new cabinets, kitchen appliances, a garbage disposal, water filters, installing new plumbing or a second electrical outlet. However, LED lighting might end up being your most efficient conversion project the next time you pay a pro to upgrade your kitchen. LED lighting is also one simple way that may also end up saving you a lot of money as well as making a home more marketable for a real estate sale. On top of this, LED lighting is easy to install and hook up to smart home technology. To get a better understanding of how LED lighting is easily one of the cheapest and most spectacular aspects of a modern kitchen remodel, keep reading or feel free to consult with a professional in Signature Kitchen And Bath.

Adding instant smart home features to your kitchen

kitchen designThese days, one of the main reasons a home is being remodeled is to add more smart home features. Of course, the main selling point is the amount of energy efficiency they bring with only the touch of a button. When it comes to LED lighting, the installation process is minimal, and this makes it one of the quickest ways to start converting your home to smart home features. In addition to being able to turn off your lights remotely to save energy, there are also dimming features. Naturally, LED lighting is also in and of itself a very energy efficient home feature.

Adding artistry to the cabinets

One of the first ways that LED strip lighting was used was under cabinets and inside drawers. These tiny lights can be installed without needing to be applied to the electrical wires in your home, and this makes them an easy way to add extra lights anywhere. As far as making your kitchen remodel a success, adding stained glass panels to cabinet doors with LED lights behind them creates a glamorous effect that also gives subtle light to a dark kitchen.

Creating artistic patterns on the ceiling

LED lighting is never boring, and in addition to strips of lights, there are also larger models that allow for decorative diversity. For example, LED lights do not need to be installed with central electricity wiring in every case because they can operate from batteries. This means fixtures can be applied to almost any surface in larger numbers. For instance, a series of independent LED light fixtures can be anchored on the upper wall or ceiling to re-create the night sky or look like an explosion of glitter confetti.

Reducing overall heat in a kitchen

There are also some practical reasons for having LED lighting installed in the kitchen. For example, fluorescent lights can malfunction and create harsh light, while dimming is much easier with LED lighting. There are also energy efficiency features built into LED lights because they do not give off nearly as much heat as traditional bulbs. This means your HVAC does not need to work as hard to cool the kitchen and this also means you are not breaking a sweat as often over the stove.

Floor lighting that is safe

kitchen designFor a way to light your kitchen without overhead features, consider LED lighting in the floor. Flooring-grade plastic can be placed over the top of steel floor scaffolding that allows a space for LED lighting to be placed. In the past, these types of lighted flooring needed a lot of maintenance, and part of the issue was the heat that old-fashioned light bulbs created in the enclosed flooring cube. These types of lighted floors also allow for artistic touches such as decorative stencils under the clear plastic floor panel that shine through when the LED light underneath is turned on.

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