The autumn season offers a myriad of kitchen decorating ideas. Nature provides a color palette that is immensely inspiring. Autumn colors include rustic shades of brown and gray, regal golden hues and elegant, rich crimson. The color range for red, orange and yellow extends from subtle to vibrant. There’s often a welcome chill in the air as fall arrives. Autumn is also the time of year when families gather for Thanksgiving and most entertaining is done indoors. Since the kitchen is typically a gathering place, it’s a location that you want to be sure to decorate in an impressive, yet cozy manner with the help of Signature Kitchen and Bath professionals.

An island is often the focal point of a kitchen design. It is also a prime location for adding a decorative touch to your kitchen décor. Seasonal décor can be placed on shelves that are part of the island design. In fall, items such as a basket filled with pinecones, glass jars filled with small, decorative gourds, candy, dried flowers or leaves and candles in autumn colors with fall aromas make an attractive shelf display. Decorative accessories such as animals that are typically associated with fall also look lovely on a kitchen island shelf.

kitchen designYou can take advantage of the various types of lighting you have in the kitchen to showcase your fall décor. A bowl filled with apples, a glass jar filled with nuts in varying shades of brown or a decorative container filled with brilliantly colorful autumn flowers could be showcased beautifully when placed under a pendant light or chandelier. If your kitchen design includes under cabinet lighting or cabinets with interior illumination, you have an ideal set-up for drawing attention to autumn themed dishes and decorative counter top displays.

One of the easiest and often most noticeable ways to decorate your kitchen with an autumn theme is to switch from spring themed towels, rugs, placemats, tablecloths or other kitchen accessories to autumn themed accessories. Another simple way to quickly create a new or seasonal atmosphere in your kitchen is to change the wall art you have in there. Pictures that depict autumn items such as pumpkins, chrysanthemums and gourds are one option. Harvest scenes are also ideal for autumn. Any picture that displays an outdoor theme that showcases the beauty of the autumn season can add visual warmth to your kitchen.

As the outdoor temperatures drop, the focus often turns to creating a warm and cozy atmosphere inside the house. A display of candles on the table or counter adds coziness to the kitchen. Subtle lighting or lights that can be dimmed also generate coziness. If you’ve chosen neutral colors for your kitchen design, decorative fall items will immediately fit well into your décor. If you’ve opted for a modern design featuring black, gray or white as your color scheme, you have more than one fall decorating option. You can choose to decorate with vibrant red, yellow and orange autumn theme décor or you can choose a more sophisticated style of decorating that includes rich crimson and dark orange.

If you yearn for a kitchen that offers you a more functional space or a better space for entertaining, it might be time to consider remodeling your kitchen. As you plan your new design, you can incorporate features that open up opportunities for you to be creative with your decorating ideas. Using Signature Kitchen & Bath as your remodeling contractor can make the remodeling project go smoothly. They provide you with a personal design expert, a project manager and a site superintendent. Working together, they can make your dream kitchen a reality. You can express your vision to the design expert and together the two of you can create a kitchen that is a reflection of your personality. It will be an efficient and functional kitchen, as well as a showcase for your design style. Once your remodeling is complete, you’ll be eager to decorate and entertain family and friends in your fantastic, beautiful new kitchen.