Bathroom remodeling Scottsdale can sometimes be a tricky process. If you don’t have a lot of room to work with, it can be particularly difficult. That in no way means that all hope is lost, however. There is an abundance of interesting, fresh and creative remodeling options that are suitable for smaller bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom that you want to give an update, you can take a handful of different approaches.

Invest in ambient lighting. If you want to make your small bathroom feel more spacious, ambient lights can do the trick. Task lights can also help make smaller spaces look larger.

bathroomGo for taller cabinets. Extra cabinets can decrease amounts of clutter in small bathrooms. This can be invaluable for people who want to streamline space. They can also offer an additional benefit, however. The presence of cabinets that go from the floor all the way to the ceiling can increase height for any compact bathroom. If you want to enhance the effect of taller cabinets, think about installing a shower wall made entirely out of glass, too. This kind of shower wall can do away with the obstacle of a door or shower curtains. It, as a result, can do wonders for people who want to create the impression of a larger bathroom.

Think about hanging the toilet on the wall. If you have a small bathroom that you want to make shine, you have to be extremely creative and resourceful. Wall-hung toilets can help free up valuable real estate in smaller bathrooms. These toilets can often introduce significant amounts of space that simply didn’t exist before.

Go for a beautiful curved glass countertop. Curved glass countertops aren’t only elegant and sophisticated. That’s because they can also be great for people who want their small bathrooms to come across as being considerably larger. These countertops can make rooms seem much bigger than they actually are. If you want your small bathroom to look larger than life, a sleek curved glass countertop addition can do a lot for it.

Concentrate on vivid colors. Small bathrooms often benefit from intense and bright colors. If you want your smaller bathroom to make a major statement, don’t be afraid to remodel it in colors that are perhaps more striking and dramatic. You don’t necessarily have to stick with subtle choices such as cream, white and beige. Think about remodeling your bathroom with a combination of pure white and neon blue. This can give it a sense of contrast that other people will notice.

bathroomThink about getting floating storage. People who are redesigning small bathrooms should always be as strategic as possible. If you want to create a bathroom that looks larger than it is in reality, invest in floating storage. A beautiful floating vanity can make a great option. It won’t clutter up your bathroom. It, at the same time, won’t sacrifice its aesthetic appeal in any way. It can also be a good idea to select a pocket door rather than a basic swinging one. A pocket door will help you save valuable space on the floor.

Remodeling a small bathroom well isn’t just about making available space seem more plentiful. A lot more goes into it than just that. If you have a bathroom that’s on the smaller side, you can actually consider yourself lucky. That’s because a small bathroom may give you the freedom to spend a lot less money remodeling it. If you want to adorn your small bathroom with high-end towels that are gorgeous and luxurious, you can spend less money. It generally costs more to remodel larger bathrooms. They can accommodate more towels. They can accommodate more overall. It doesn’t matter if you want to put your money into a lovely mirror, sparkling new cabinets or the finest marble sink. Smaller bathroom remodeling projects are usually significantly less costly. If you want to go for the gold, small bathroom remodeling can be a lot of fun. It can often give you the chance to make use of materials and items that are more luxurious and upscale.

Small bathrooms can make exciting and rewarding remodeling projects. If you’re wise and diligent, you can achieve a small bathroom that feels large and that looks like a million dollars.