Are you looking for some great home improvement ideas for your house? There is an array of ideas from multiple sources. Of the many ideas, there are ten home design trends that are leading in 2017. A synopsis of the same is as follows:

Counter-depth fridges

counter depth fridgesRemodeling is usually a game of inches irrespective of the size of the kitchen. Counter-depth fridges are handy for kitchens because they create a streamlined look while freeing up a bit more space.

Showers with outdoor feeling

An outdoor shower may not be practical year-round even though it is highly desirable. Homeowners and designers are looking to intimate strategic site placement such as court yards in a bid to get around the weather dilemma. The end result is a bathroom that maintains privacy while connecting deeply to the outdoors.

Splurging on entryways

Like a powder room, the entry is a compact place you can have fun with design without overspending. According to a 2016 report, homeowners have been known to spend $1,400 to $2,500 to make over their mudroom or entryway. To avoid blowing a budget, designers suggest featuring a narrow table (it can have a tray for shoes underneath), a statement mirror or a fun piece of wallpaper.

Laundry rooms

Although bathrooms and kitchens get the lion’s share of remodeling dollars, many homeowners understand the importance of having every space look great. This has made laundry rooms get an increase in attention. The majority of homeowners are looking up tricks to make these rooms bring in better function, smarter storage, and more light.

The green phenomenon

Green is now a hit for people who want a natural, revitalizing hue that brings zest at the same time managing to work with warm wood tones. After all, in 2017 green is Pantone’s verdant color.

White with off-white

white kitchenThere is a constant refreshing feeling people get from a room completely painted white. However, when one tone is used, the feeling is more clinical than refreshing. A good idea may be balancing a white palette with natural lime and creamy off-whites hues. The end result will be a breathtaking look which is rich with character.

Hardworking kitchen storage walls

Many designers and homeowners are getting rid of upper cabinets by pushing all these items onto a single wall in a bid to search for more open space. Such a move creates a breezy look by freeing up the rest of the space.

Vanity conversions

If you have searched for the right pre-manufactured vanity for your home in vain, try looking for ideas within your house. A good number of homeowners are finding vintage consoles, old file cabinets, chests of drawers and more, and converting the same into a one-of-a-kind vanity.

Voice-activated assistants

There have been talks regarding voice assistants in a house. Such devices start working when activation phrases like ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Alexa’ are used. Voice assistants are placed throughout the house and are listening for an activation phrase. Once the phrase or word is used, the device ‘wakes up’ and awaits your command. You can ask it to dim your lights, play a song from Spotify, power up the hot tub or give you the weather.

Satin brass

In recent years, brass finishes have been making a comeback. Recently, renowned designers like Elizabeth Lawson have turned away from polished brass and its polished finish to brushed or satin brass. Even though the latter does not offer shiny golden tones, it serves a similar purpose without the high price tag.

These are the ten most trending designs in 2017. If you would like to incorporate one or more to your home, contact reputable companies such as Signature Bath and Kitchen. Their remodeling expertise is unparalleled and guaranteed to give you value for money.