The bathroom trends of 2017 are bringing personality, texture, and color to classically modern spaces. There is no need to put up with a boring bathroom when there are so many ways to inject a unique vibe into even the most neutral spaces. You can recreate your space with your 2017 Phoenix bathroom remodeling project.

Here are ten trends to embrace this year:

  • Patterned tiles – If you want to bring instant personality into your bathroom, choose a patterned tile. You can use it throughout the space for a dramatic look. If you want a more subtle look, use the pattern tile as a border or a focal piece.
  • Combining tiles – No one says you have to use the same tile throughout the door. Choose a different tile for your shower surround to give it its own look and feel. Bring in a different color or pattern on the floor. Using two tile patterns can give any bathroom a unique look.
  • Round and oversized mirrors – A flat mirror with no frame needs to be the first thing to go with your bathroom remodel. Add a round, oversized mirror in its place. The round shape helps soften the hard edges in the bathroom.
  • Wall mounted faucets – When you need to save space, move the faucets from the vanity to the wall. This will allow you to push the sink closer to the wall, saving precious space. It also gives the space a vintage look that works well in even a modern, minimalist bathroom.
  • Unusual light fixtures – Bathroom light fixtures tend to be bland. Look for the unusual instead. A brightly colored pendant gives a neutral space instant contrast. A fun, funky chandelier will cast a glow and bring a smile.
  • Dark walls – Going with a dark wall will not make a space feel smaller. In fact, if you pair dark walls with a dark cabinet, you will get an expansive feel because there seems to be no borders. Adding accessories made with natural fibers like a jute rug or a wood mirror frame warms up the dark walls.
  • Minimalist cabinets – With a modern bathroom, the cabinets need to be sleek and minimal in design. This gives the room a clean look that makes it the perfect palette for all the accessories that bring in personality. You can go with a neutral cabinet, or add a splash of color for a unique focal point.
  • Non-traditional rugs – Fluffy rugs are the norm in most bathrooms. But, that doesn’t have to always be the case. Look around for the rugs you have in the rest of the house and see if one of them would work in the bathroom. Bringing in a non-traditional rug can bring pattern and life to the floor.
  • Unusual metals – Golden and brass tones remain strong, but this year people are starting to want something different. Darker metallic tones as well as silver ones are on the rise. Pewter, black, and chrome are just a few to consider.
  • Unique wall art – Okay, let’s be honest. Most bathroom art is thematic, either sealife or bathroom related. Let go of the thematic and go for the unusual. A modern abstract painting brings an unusual focal point into a functional room. Even a framed piece of wallpaper or fabric can add personality.

These bathroom trends will take your bathroom to the next level. You can mix and match them as you like to ensure your space is a reflection of your taste and a unique space. Which trends do you want to add to your bathroom remodeling Phoenix AZ this year?