Do you want to refresh the look of your kitchen? Maybe you’d like to change the floors or open up the space to add more natural light. Remodeling your kitchen can make it a more pleasant place to spend time in. If you’re making a wish list for remodeling your kitchen, you may want to consider a few of the following ideas.

The Addition of a Breakfast Nook

Adding a breakfast nook to the kitchen is the perfect solution for a family who wants to be able to sit down and enjoy an informal meal or snack together. This remodeling project can involve letting more natural light into a kitchen. A collection of windows surrounding the seats in the breakfast nook give warmth and a comfortable atmosphere to the area. The colors of the seats in the breakfast nook could be chosen to complement other colors throughout the kitchen giving the space visual harmony. Put in a unique, arched entrance between the breakfast nook and the kitchen to separate the areas in a subtle way.

Home kitchen modeling

A Collection of Appealing Countertops

There is no rule that states you must have matching countertops throughout your kitchen. In fact, putting in different types of counters throughout the area adds to its appeal. One idea is to put charcoal gray granite countertops around the border of the kitchen and light gray granite on the kitchen island. In short, use different shades of the same color to add interest to the décor. Or, you could choose countertops with contrasting patterns for the kitchen’s border and your island. These subtle differences lend to the pleasing look of your kitchen.

Stylish Light Fixtures

A Kitchen Remodeling Phoenix | Signature Kitchen and Bath project that changes the light fixtures can make your cooking area look a lot more inviting. If the lighting is too harsh in your kitchen, think about pendant lighting above your kitchen’s island. Choose fixtures in different shapes, designs and colors. Or, if you need more light in your kitchen, the addition of well-placed, recessed lighting can give you what you want. The lighting fixtures you choose can flow with the modern, rustic, traditional or retro style of your kitchen.

Change Up Your Cabinets

A set of old cabinets and handles can make an entire kitchen appear outdated. So, if you want to update traditional wooden cabinets, try some cabinets with a glass front bordered in white wood. Cabinets in dark wood can be a dramatic contrast for a collection of bright white countertops. If you want stainless steel appliances, try cabinets in a soft gray to complement your refrigerator, stove, oven and smaller appliances. A fresh color, new material and even new handles or knobs can make all the difference to the appearance of your kitchen.

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An Enhanced Ceiling Over the Kitchen Island

Sometimes a change in the ceiling of a kitchen really adds a modern touch to the space. If you have a dull ceiling that’s all one color, think about a remodeling project that puts in a different section of ceiling over the island. Reclaimed wood or tile are two ideas to draw a visitor’s eyes upward in your kitchen. A recessed ceiling above your island can feature tiles made of an unusual material such as tin or glass. This sort of touch gives a plain kitchen ceiling more depth and style.

So, what’s on the wish list for your kitchen? Perhaps you are looking for just a few small changes. Or, maybe you want a completely different look for your kitchen. At Signature Kitchen and Bath, we can help you come up with a look for your kitchen that you will love. Visit our virtual design studio to get an idea of what your kitchen would look like with a different design. Fill out our online form to let us know a little about what you’re looking for. Our experienced contractors are glad to help in making your wish list a reality.