Selecting the Right Design for your Kitchen Cabinets can be difficult. There are many different styles that designers incorporate to bring an enhanced charm to a kitchen. Knowing where to start in what you like and why can make the process easier when explaining a desired look.

The Construction of Different Cabinets

When looking at a set of cabinets, they may appear to have a certain quality that grabs your attention, but you have no idea why. It is all in the construction of the frame, doors and drawers. Here are the attributes and terminology of certain types of designs. Once you understand the difference, you will be able to put together the ultimate look with more clarity.

Cabinet Door Types

Inset Cabinet Doors

Insert cabinet doors are flush with the cabinet frame. Strikingly beautiful and producing a clean, custom look, there are a few drawbacks to inset cabinet doors. They can run 15% to 30% higher in costs due to the skill required to construct. They also require knobs or handles as there are no edges to grab. You will also find that storage space is limited compared to overlay cabinets.

Overlay Cabinet Doors

Overlay cabinet doors fit on the outside of the cabinet frame. They can be full or partial. The full overlay covers most of the exterior frame and gives the look of inset doors. This is an option if you like the inset design, but they do not carry the disadvantages. Partial overlay cabinet doors are the most common type. They sit against the exterior frame with much of the frame exposed.

Framed and Unframed Cabinet Doors

Only full overlay cabinet doors use the unframed cabinet construction. Frameless cabinets are found mainly with modern, contemporary styles where the frame is almost hidden from the eye. This style helps to blend a seamless facade. Framed cabinet doors, on the other hand, have a fitted lip built all around the door opening to give the cabinet added strength. Full overlay, partial overlay and some inset styles use the framed method, making this one the most common.

Panel Cabinet Doors

Panel cabinet doors use a recessed or a raised insert to add dimension and highlight a specific style of decor. Recessed panel doors have a center panel that is lower, or recessed, in comparison the outline of the rest of the door. These are used a lot with modern designs. Raised panel doors are just the opposite. Their center panels protrude from the rest of the door and are used with more traditional styles.

Specific Cabinet Styles

In addition to deciding which type of door style is right for you, there are also specific cabinet styles. A few of the most popular styles include:

  • Slab doors
  • Shaker design doors
  • Glass insert
  • Arched doors

Slab doors are very plain, but sleek and straight with no distinct panels or designs. The Shaker design is also basic, but with clean lines and a recessed center panel. Glass inserts are very popular and interesting. Giving a view of the contents, many designs use this style for intrigue and depth. Arched doors are reserved for top cabinets and add a curved height and distinction with recessed or raised center inserts.

There are kitchen cabinet designs to fit almost anyone’s wants and needs. When you understand the basics of cabinet styles, a Designer and Project Manager from home remodeling Phoenix, like Signature Kitchen & Bath, can create your dream kitchen. Signature Kitchen & Bath is well-known in Arizona for their quality service in designing, top-notch materials, skilled craftsmen and integrity. Visit their website at to begin the process of a perfect kitchen today.