If you are renovating your master bathroom, one of the considerations may be a his and hers shower. This type of shower is a timesaver when you and your partner are getting ready for work in the morning. It is also convenient if you both exercise together and want to shower afterward. Before going ahead with this project, there are five points you should think about.

Is the Bathroom the Right Size?

This is the most important aspect. A his and hers shower will take up more space than the average shower, and if your master bathroom is a smaller size, this idea probably will not work. In addition, if you and your partner are showering together, you do not want to be bumping each other’s elbows. Plan on eight feet by four feet for this type of shower.

Are You and Your Partner in the Bathroom Simultaneously?
A his and hers shower should be a practical decision. It only makes sense to have two showerheads if you and your partner are often using the bathroom at the same time. If this is not the case for your household, this shower type may not be necessary.

Do You Have the Proper Mechanicals?

A shower that accommodates two people requires more resources than a standard setup. The water pressure must be sufficient to support two showerheads, and you will need a larger water heater to provide enough hot water for two people. Otherwise, you will be forced into taking very fast, unsatisfying showers. You should also check the requirements of your locality regarding water meters and plumbing upgrades.

Who is the Taller Person?

Dual showerheads look odd if they are not aligned on the wall. You should use the height of the taller person and install both showerheads to that measurement.

Are There Any Alternative Options?

It is possible that a his and hers shower is not the right choice for you. An alternative to consider is a single showerhead with a hand-held attachment. Of course, you can simply upgrade the tile and fixtures of your existing shower to give it a fresh look.

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