While white kitchens appear to be a recent design trend, they have actually been in style for quite some time. The main benefits of the color are the number of different shades and how well they work with other materials. No matter what style is being used in a new or renovated home and kitchen remodeling, white is always a perfect match. The following explains why white kitchens remain so timeless.


Even though white has been a top choice for decades, the internet has pushed the trend further through popular websites like Houzz and Pinterest. Whether a homeowner chooses a traditional, modern or transitional architectural style, a white kitchen will always be a seamless fit. Even better, there are many shades of white to choose from.



Those who want a kitchen that looks clean and bright often choose white, but not a stark shade, which can make the room feel cold and uninviting. Some trendy choices for white include winter white, snow white, egg shell and ivory. There are a large number of shades to choose from, and tones can be mixed for simple contrast. Dark countertops and flooring add a dramatic touch in a white kitchen.


If an all-white kitchen is not appealing, the homeowner can opt to use the color on a smaller scale. A white island makes an excellent focal point, while a white range hood adds extra charm in a kitchen full of natural wood grains. White tile floors work in almost any design, instantly giving the kitchen a clean and sleek look. Another approach is to use white accent pieces to offset bolder colors and materials.


One of the strengths of white is its ability to create a feeling of space. A white kitchen immediately feels big the minute a person steps into it. This is a large benefit in a home where the kitchen area is small and would seem claustrophobic with a darker color.

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