The new year is right around the corner, and many wonderful new Phoenix bathroom showroom design trends are here. Whether you are building a custom home or just upgrading your current bathrooms, the following list is sure to give you inspiration.

Black is In

Gray has been the most popular bathroom color for the last two years, but black and other dark tones are about to take over in 2019. This will be seen in light fixtures, mirrors and vanities to contrast with other lighter colors. Some homeowners may not be ready to go that bold and may stick with gray, but black is on the upswing.

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Old Becomes New Again

Gold and brass plumbing fixtures are making a big comeback. Everything from faucets, toilets and sinks will be sporting this warm and luxurious color tone. Polished chrome has been the trend in recent years to match modern design styles and while it looks sleek, it tends to become dull and show water spots. Switching to gold or brass in matte or satin finishes offers a subtle change that will stand the test of time.

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Myriad Tile Patterns

In the last decade, large-format tiles have dominated bathroom design. The new year will bring new tile shapes and sizes to add a unique accent to any decor. You can choose from diamond, arabesque, hexagon and even Moroccan fish shapes. These tiles will work on floors, shower walls, backsplashes and even the ceiling. You are only limited by your imagination.

Accented Wood

As gray slowly disappears from the design landscape, wood is taking its place as part of the shift toward warmer tones. Wood is a wonderful complement to any color scheme and works well with the current industrial and vintage trends. This gives you the option of mixing old and new together to make a statement that is all your own.

Color Pops

White and neutral color shades are still in wide use and are now being set off with bright pops of color. These pops can be dark or light and appear on fixtures, accents and accessories. For example, a mostly white bathroom becomes more relaxing with a blue bathtub, and a green wall can inspire feelings of wellness and getting back to nature. Other color pops can inspire creativity and even improve your mood. Most of all, bold accents prevent a bathroom from being boring and blah, which is important since you spend so much time there.

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Big Tubs and Showers

The main reason many people remodel bathrooms is to increase the space or make the existing space work better. Large bathtubs are finding their way back into modern design, offering a relaxing way to end a long work day. Another new approach is open showers. While they are technically not bigger in size, they create a visual suggestion of more space by eliminating doors and curtains. This is excellent for older people who may worry about slipping on the edge of a tub or a standard shower threshold. One drawback of an open shower is a lack of privacy. It all depends on your personal preferences.
If you are considering remodeling your bathroom, schedule a consultation with Signature Kitchen & Bath to explore your options and find the right design approach for your project.