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Whether you want a kitchen that is a hub for family activity, a show piece for culinary entertaining, or like most of us, a little of both, we can design and build your dream kitchen. Our designers meet with you in your home to ask the important questions to determine functionality and flow of this all too important space. They then work up a design for you; incorporating your needs (and wants) while taking into consideration your budget, time frame and style preferences.

Once your new kitchen design is finalized, your Designer and Project Manager then work with you to select the materials that will be used in the construction of your new space. We work with all the major local vendors to provide top grade materials including natural stone countertops and floor coverings, hardwood and high grade laminate, name brand plumbing & appliances, as well as three different cabinet lines, two of which are entirely customizable to fit your space. You want it, we can find it.

During the construction phase, your project manager keeps you updated on the progress of your job and work closely with the site supervisor to make certain all designs are implemented according to plan. If issues arise, your team works with you to move forward with solutions while keeping your goals in mind.

Take a moment and view our Kitchen Gallery to see photos of some of the recent projects we completed and then give us a call today to get your free in-home design consultation started. We are the premier kitchen remodeling Phoenix company.

An investment in a custom designed kitchen can not only provide a point of pride while you are personally using all of the fantastic features, but it can also create value in your home for many years to come.

When guests enter your home, it is of the utmost importance to place emphasis on what is often known as the focal point of your home-the kitchen. The way you design this room sets a precedent for the rest of the home and lays the groundwork for the perception of your home as a whole, as is well known by most real estate experts.

Warm memories of children leaning on smooth granite countertops anxiously awaiting Mom’s meatloaf or Grandma’s cookies was an anecdote recounted fondly by one of our designers when describing her mental image of the perfect kitchen.

Another cited a dinner party she threw with long-time friends indulging in cocktails while gathered around her kitchen island, the backdrop her impeccable custom cabinets and high-end appliances creating a sleek, classic ambiance.

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Whatever your custom vision, our Phoenix team of well-trained designers can make any and all of your dreams come true for your kitchen and, subsequently, the rest of your home.

When meeting with our designers in your home you will be able to express the value of each of item on the list that makes up your “dream kitchen” and determine which of these is most important in the replication of your dream.

Custom touches such as soft close cabinets can protect those important kitchen discussions from noise interruptions and protect your wood cabinetry while indulgence in a high-end faucet may actually make dishes seem less arduous.

Opening up a larger window from which to view your yard and allow in natural light may enlarge and add value to your space.

Strategically placed custom lighting can increase your direct visibility while cooking and add to the ambiance of your kitchen. Design and style experts work with you to construct optimal feel and functionality from floor to ceiling while adding in smart custom features that take into consideration every aspect of fit, trim, and finish.

Our designers are well trained to seamlessly integrate practicality alongside touches of luxury while retaining high levels of functionality and keeping your budget clearly in focus.