Questions To Ask The Best Contractors In Rockford IL For Roofing 

The varying weather conditions that we experience today can really be stressful, considering that the sun’s rays can be harmful to our skin and the cold weather can be deadly. Finding a cozy but sturdy permanent shelter is crucial in today’s changing environment, which is why a lot of people would spend hundreds of dollars maintaining a roof.

This is also true for commercial businesses that want to find quality materials for their establishments. It may be hard to find some contractors but you can try searching online and typing the term “roofers near me to look for the available roofing companies that can assist you with your specific inquiries.  

Here’s what you can inquire about before signing that roofing contract: 

1. Can you show me samples of what you’ve done previously? 

Roofing contractors need to vouch for their workmanship skills by showing you the past contracts and projects they’ve done. Most roofing companies are enthusiastic in presenting you with samples by setting up an appointment so they can show you their previous work and their prices.  

2. Can you show me your licenses? 

Before signing any contract, be sure to know if the contractors you’ll be working with are legitimate. While some project proposals can be cheap, this may be a warning sign for you to check if they’re licensed to do the project you’ll be asking them to handle.   

3. Where’s your company located and how can I contact you locally?

It’s very important to ask if the company is located near you and if you can have their workers do the project in the area where you are. Asking for their address will also give you the assurance that you can visit their company and talk to the people who’ll be assisting you in the project. Another advantage of finding local contractors is being able to contact them through their mobile phones or landlines without incurring extra costs for being outside the area you’re situated in. 

4. Will you give me a copy of our contract deal? 

Asking for a contract deal with the roofing project is the best step to make sure that the work is legitimate, and that all terms of services like plans, designs, and roofing color proposal will be given to you by the company you’re dealing with. Roofing for residential areas and commercial buildings may vary in contracts, and this is why having a real estate attorney or a person familiar with roofing contracts may be beneficial for you. 

Since this will take time, check what the long-term project will cost and see how the company will deal with maintaining their workers, as well as the quality of materials that you or the company will be using.  

Another tricky part of the contract is the workers themselves: are they subcontracted or directly hired under the company’s training? Be sure to check any hidden contract terms on the paper and set some time to compare other quotations and terms by other contractors to see what fits your standards. 

5. Is there any insurance for any possible damages caused by the roofing project? 

You don’t want to experience haphazardly built roofs. It may even cause terrible consequences since your life may be at risk and the money that you’ve invested in this maintenance is put to waste. It’s also good to hear if the contractor has insurance for their workers as well. You don’t want to have more stress in dealing with any unexpected accidents from the roofing project. This also concerns any damages to the materials that you’ve supplied.  

6. Do you have a supervisor that I can talk to while the work is going on? 

While it’s fine to manage the workers while they’re fixing your roof, you don’t have time to check their work or even see them every hour. It’s great to know if you can ask the contractors to have someone manage the people doing the project so the efficiency and the time of the labor can be monitored. 

7. Is there an actual ongoing project that I can visit to see your work? 

Typically, private homes are the ones that require the most maintenance, but if you want to see a project that’s quite big, you can try asking about a commercial district project this company has done before. This will be great since the work can be seen publicly and you might have the chance to view it up close. On the other hand, residential areas are usually off-limits to the public and you might not be able to view it properly. 


It’s a wise decision to be one step ahead and check out the best ways you can maintain the quality of your home or commercial building. Don’t hesitate to ask a lot of questions that may not be on the list, and be sure to research more about the conditions of a particular roof, as any miscalculations and unpreparedness for the project will have dire effects in both your future finances and health.