Best Mattresses in Australia: What To Know When Buying One 

According to statistics, hypertension or high blood pressure is the top chronic illness among Australians, affecting over three million adults. Hypertension is more prevalent among men than women, but both genders have higher risks of developing such disease as they age. 

Several factors cause hypertension, and sleep apnea is one of them. Sleeping fewer than six hours is directly linked to increased blood pressure. Sleep allows your blood to regulate stress hormones and keep your nervous system healthy. Regularly losing sleep will impair this function, causing hypertension.   

To ensure that you get uninterrupted sleep every night, investing in Australia’s Number #1 mattress is a great start. Using high-quality mattresses will make it very easy for you to fall and stay asleep, and eventually ward off hypertension and other chronic illnesses. 

When buying a new mattress in Australia, don’t forget to consider the following: 

1. Create A Budget And Stick To It

Buying a mattress will always entail costs. Regardless of the size and material, expect to spend a few hundred or thousands of dollars when buying a mattress. If you’re looking forward to buying a larger mattress to fit you and your partner and kids, expect to spend more. 

Before checking any retails stores for new mattresses, create a budget for the purchase. Do some research online, or ask people who recently bought a mattress, so you’ll know the average price range of mattresses in Australia. As long as you exhaust time and effort in your search, you can buy the best mattress under $1000. 

If you already have a mattress preference, say you want to buy a mattress with an advanced spring system, compare different brands. Doing this allows you to expand your options, and help you choose a mattress that provides value to your money. 

2. Know Your Size

Size is one of the most important deciding factors when buying a mattress. The length and width of your mattress can significantly affect your comfort when sleeping, and the comfort of other people sleeping with you. 

Your new mattress doesn’t have to be in the same size as your old mattress. Major life changes, such as letting your partner move in with you, getting a pet, or caring for a toddler, will require you to get a bigger bed. 

On the other side of the coin, sending your kids to college or moving into a smaller house will prompt you to look for smaller mattresses. Sleeping alone in a mattress that’s too big can trigger negative emotions or make your bedroom feel cramped.

Generally, you can choose from the following sizes when buying a mattress: 

  • California king bed (72 by 84 inches): 

    A California king bed is the biggest mattress you can buy today. With its size, two adults and two kids can sleep in it, while still having room for one small pet. 

But because of its size, a California king bed requires a large bedroom. If you have a small bedroom, buying a California king bed isn’t ideal because it will only take up so much space, preventing you from moving around in your bedroom. 

  • Queen size (60 by 75 inches): 

    This is ideal for couples who often sleep with their pets. A queen-sized bed is also apt for narrower master bedrooms or small guest rooms. 

However, a queen-sized bed might not be best if you or your partner is a restless sleeper. Moving too much in a queen-sized bed can disrupt the other sleeper, or require the other sleeper to stay in one sleeping position only. 

  • Single or twin (39 by 75 inches): 

    A single or twin bed talks about the same mattress. This mattress is a great investment for your kid. With its size, a single or twin mattress can still provide optimal sleeping comfort to your kid even during their teenage years. 

  • Double or full (54 by 75 inches): 

    The size of this mattress is appropriate for one person only. Sleeping in a double or full mattress with another person isn’t ideal because each of you will only get around 27 inches of space. This size is smaller than what a single bed offers. 

3. Know Your Options

Mattresses look the same, but this doesn’t mean that you will experience the same comfort whenever you buy one. Mattresses contain different materials, and each material creates different levels of firmness and comfort. 

The materials used in these mattresses also influence their lifespan and form over time. Some mattresses will sag or lose their form faster than others. 

Since the firmness and comfort of a mattress is a highly subjective decision, it’s best if you know what your options are so you can properly manage your expectations. 

When you go through online and offline retail stores that sell mattresses, you can usually choose from these mattress types: 

  • Innerspring mattresses: 

    This is the most common and inexpensive mattress you can buy today. Innerspring mattresses provide overall body support, come in different firmness measurements, and are romance-friendly because it gives the right amount of bounce. 

However, innerspring mattresses aren’t durable and have a limited lifespan. The price of an innerspring mattress might be low, but because this will easily get damaged after a few years, you might end up incurring more costs for repairs and replacements. This type of mattress also creates noise after years of use and has poor motion isolation. 

  • Memory foam mattresses:

    Memory foam mattresses are expensive but are excellent for people who are suffering from chronic body pains. This mattress provides the right amount of cushioning for aching muscles and sore joints. 

Although memory foam mattresses generate hot temperatures at night, it’s still a good investment as it’s also romance-friendly. 

Some of the most common drawbacks you can experience from memory foam mattresses are bad odors, questionable edge support, and below-average ease of body movement. 

  • Latex foam mattresses:

    Latex foam mattresses are similar to memory foams but offer better elasticity and contouring abilities. This means that latex foam mattresses can “hug” the body better. 

If you don’t like the hot sensation created by memory foam, latex foam mattress is one of your best bets. Since this type of mattress uses natural materials, latex foam mattresses are resistant to molds and dust mites. 

Latex foam mattresses have limited availability, which means that you might have to buy one outside of Australia. 

  • Hybrid mattresses: 

    Hybrid mattresses come with springs and foams that overlay with each other. A high-quality hybrid mattress combines the best features of innerspring and foam models. 

But since this type of mattress is a combination of two different mattresses, expect to experience the cons from two mattresses, as well. Hybrid mattresses are heavy, making it hard for homeowners to carry the mattress from one room to another. 

All of these mattress types come with pros and cons. When choosing what to buy, get as much information about a particular mattress. Is there a specific mattress that provides relief from your muscle pain? What mattress allows you to move during your sleep without causing too much motion disturbances? 

The more you know about these mattresses, the easier it’ll be for you to choose. Having a background on these types of mattresses will also prevent you from buying one that will only cause body pain and sleep disturbance. 

4. Assess Your Sleeping Position

Mattresses are for sleeping, but keep in mind that every human being sleeps in a different position. Different sleeping positions require different mattress types. The mattress that provides the perfect amount of comfort to back sleepers isn’t the same mattress suitable for side or stomach sleepers. 

Make sure that you assess your sleeping position first before buying any mattress. Regardless of how cheap or attractive a mattress is, if it doesn’t support your sleeping position, you should never buy it. 

The price and aesthetics of a mattress are important considerations, but heavily relying on these factors can compromise the duration and quality of your sleep. What good is a cheap mattress if it only makes your body ache and feels sore? Will buying a good-looking mattress translate to more hours of uninterrupted sleep?

Listed below are the most common sleeping positions and the type of mattress that works for each: 

  • Side sleepers:

    Side sleeping is one of the most common and recommended sleeping position. This sleeping position is apt for pregnant women to keep their circulation flowing, maintain a straight spine, and support nerve functioning. 

Generally, side sleeping also keeps the body relaxed and boosts the body’s ability to detoxify and clear waste faster. 

For side sleepers, soft mattresses such as memory and latex foams are great options. These types of mattresses can accommodate the sharp angles of your hips and shoulders, and create a contour that supports the side of your body. 

  • Back sleepers:

    Sleeping on your back is recommended for people who experience body pains as it doesn’t put pressure on the neck and keeps the spine aligned. 

Latex and innerspring foams are ideal for back sleepers. These are medium-firm mattresses that provide additional support to the curve of the lower back. 

  • Stomach sleepers:

    From the three sleeping positions, sleeping on your stomach is the least recommended. This sleeping position can put a strain on your neck and push your spine upward. 

For stomach sleepers to sleep comfortably, they need to look for memory foams or plush mattresses as these provide extra pressure on their lungs and breasts. These mattresses also conform to stomach sleeping, letting the body sink down without being too hard on the body.  

Knowledge Is Power 

Several online and offline retail stores in Australia sell mattresses. Variety is good, but having too many options to choose from can create stress and pressure. You can use your old mattress you’ve left from your old home when you’ve moved long distance as a reference. 

Narrow down your options by using this article as your buying guide. When you know what to look in a mattress, it’ll be very easy to identify the perfect mattress suitable to your preferences.