Do’s And Don’ts When Moving Long Distance To Austin TX 

As the second largest state in America, Texas boasts of diversity, with each of its provinces having their own personalities. Apart from being the state capital, Austin is also known as the Live Music Capital of the World. However, if you’re planning on moving here, you probably already know that.  

To guide you through that big life event, here are the do’s and don’ts when moving long distance to Austin, Texas: 


 1. Start planning early 

Moving to a different city or state requires you to plan for a lot beforehand so that you can make the inevitable adjustment period easier for yourself. 

Be sure to ask your following questions before you make your big move: 

  • How much am I willing to spend? 
  • What efficient and practical packing system will I employ? 
  • Which moving company will I hire? 
  • What kind of transportation will I use? 
  • What route should be taken or avoided when getting to Austin? 

2. Make a realistic task tracker

Once you’ve finished planning everything out, you’ll be left with a ton of tasks. You can stay on top of them by creating a task tracker that would keep a record of the tasks, as well as answer the how’s, when’s, and who’s of accomplishing them. 

The good news is that you don’t have to make a task tracker from scratch; there are plenty of moving checklists that you can get online and customize. Just remember to be realistic about which goals you want to accomplish and when they should be done.  

3. Hire a dependable moving company 

Moving is bound to put you through at least a handful of challenges, which is why you should minimize your stress by looking for the following characteristics when you evaluate the reliability of a moving company: 

  • Licensed and certified 
  • Professional 
  • Well-trained 
  • Experienced 
  • Accountable 

4. Schedule your move wisely 

Since it’s the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin regularly hosts multiple live shows throughout the year that attract thousands of people. And where there are people, there’s traffic. Try to pick a moving date that won’t coincide with a major show or festival if you wish to avoid spending hours on the road. 

Here’s another tip: although there’s really no one best time to move to Austin, take note that it’s not the best idea to move there during the summers. Austin summers can get extremely hot, with temperatures reaching as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit.   


1. Don’t bring all your belongings 

Moving is an excellent opportunity to get rid of all the things you no longer use and make space to improve your home. No matter how daunting the task may initially seem, try to go through every unlabelled box and random drawer in your current house. Lay out all your things and sort them into five main categories:  

  • For keeps 
  • Throw-aways 
  • Donations 
  • For sale 
  • For storage 

After that, you may keep or dispose of them accordingly.  For instance, it’s best to leave out your old mattress, especially if it’s too old to avoid bringing bed bugs into your new home. Don’t worry because you can buy mattresses anywhere.

2. Don’t leave unannounced 

Don’t forget to inform concerned people and other parties about your plan to move, and even your reasons, if necessary. These could be your family, friends, colleagues, and staff, among others. Let those close to you know about the details of your move as well, so that someone will instantly be aware should anything go wrong during your move.  

Perhaps the best avenue for letting others know that you’re moving is through a farewell party, which, depending on your needs and tastes, could either be a quaint get-together or a grand event. If you’re not one to pass on the latter, then you’d certainly enjoy Austin’s eclectic nightlife.

3. Don’t forget to update records 

Update the following with your new address as soon as possible to minimize the likelihood of legal problems: 

  • Legal documents (such as passports) 
  • Insurance records 
  • Driver’s license  
  • Bank account records 
  • Company records 

4. Don’t neglect your pets 

If you’re worried about the logistics of moving with a pet, then you’d be glad to know that Austin is a pet-friendly place that’s full of accommodating restaurants and fun dog parks. Before you can get there with your pet, however, take the following measures to guarantee a safe and stress-free move for you and your pet: 

  • Consult with a veterinarian about the diseases common in Austin so that you can guard your pet with the necessary vaccines and preventive medicine. 
  • Check the laws and guidelines concerning traveling with a pet through land or air. 
  • Make sure that you give your pet enough food, water, and bathroom breaks throughout the travel time. 


Moving can either be a learning opportunity or a traumatic experience; it mostly depends on how much you plan and prepare for it. Even small things like making a realistic task tracker, hiring a reliable moving company, bringing all your belongings, and getting too homesick can make all the difference.