How a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Can Improve Your Home’s Value

When you decide to upgrade your home, you not only have to consider your own taste but also that of a prospective buyer later on. You may love that wonderful light green shade on the walls, but someone else might not like it at all. This is why you should consult with an expert design firm to receive the best advice before moving forward with your kitchen and bathroom remodel Scottsdale. This will help you strike a balance between what you and your family want now and what will add value to your home over the long term.

In the Kitchen
Updating your kitchen will immediately increase value and is the best place to start your remodel, especially in a seller’s market like Scottsdale. The upgrade will pay for itself in no time at all. The reason for this is the large shift in design trends in the last 25 years. Cabinets now come in many new colors, and flooring has switched from linoleum to laminate and tile. The formica countertops of yesteryear have been replaced by quartz and granite that are both beautiful and durable. Backsplash tiles add interesting color and contrast to the rest of the room. The focus of your remodel should be on the cabinets and counters as these are what people notice first in the kitchen. You can also consider making your kitchen more open for better flow and more light.

In the Bathroom
The next phase of your upgrade should be the master bathroom. Prospective buyers look for an attractive and functional bathroom to both use and enjoy each day. If you have an older home, you will want to update the shower. Go for large tiled walls and new faucets. Add an extra showerhead, if there is room. Replace old sinks and vanities with new, sleeker models and change out the counters for an immediate effect. Add modern light fixtures as a final touch. Visual appeal is always a selling point, and a master bathroom upgrade will charm buyers quickly. When the master is done, you can move on to the other bathrooms in the house. Try to make them match as much as possible for continuity.

Keeping Up with the Market
Living in a fast real estate market like Scottsdale may lead you to believe that your home does not need upgrades. Home prices have been increasing significantly on their own. The reality is that even in a hot seller’s market, you are always in competition with your neighbors and other people who live in the nearby area. If your home is not as up to date as others within the same price range, it will be more challenging for you to sell when you need to. Think of remodeling as an investment for the future to help you get the best possible price when you are ready to sell and move on. In the meantime, the updates will make your home more enjoyable in the present.

Remodeling is a big decision that has many factors to consider. Signature Kitchen & Bath has a professional and experienced staff that will help you every step of the way in your kitchen and bathroom remodel Scottsdale to get the results you want.