Residential Pool Service: 12 Questions To Ask Before Hiring One 

Owning a pool comes with a lot of responsibilities. It’s not all fun under the sun because pools need proper maintenance and cleaning. If you’re not up for the job yourself, you can hire residential pool services to do it for you. Before you hire one, here are some of the questions you need to ask first: 

 General Questions  

1. Do you have a license? 

Ask the company whether they have the proper licenses and permits to operate. Residential pool services Blue Water Pool Service that are Certified Pool & Spa Operators are ones you can trust because they know proper techniques and skills on pool management. 

2. How long have you been in business?

It’s helpful to know if the company has been around for years. It means that people still use them which is why they’re still operating now. You can rely on those kinds of companies because having been around for a long time means people truly trust their quality of work. 

3. What kind of services do you offer? 

Ask them what kind of services they offer because you might have some specific needs. Maybe it’s time to shock your pool, or you want to change the tiles in your pool. You can also ask for a free consultation and see if they have any recommendations for improvement.

4. Do you offer flexible packages? 

Maintaining a pool can cost a lot of money in the long run. You can ask the pool services if they offer fixed or flexible packages. You don’t want to end up paying for unnecessary maintenance services. 

5. Do you have insurance? 

If something goes wrong with your pool, like too many chemicals or something gets damaged, someone should be held responsible. Make sure to ask what liabilities their insurance covers because your protection is essential. 

6. Do you have any references? 

Ask for testimonials that their previous clients gave them. Expect that what they’ll give you will be positive feedback, so it’s also a great idea to check for online reviews. See if you can find any negative ones so you can gauge if their service is worth it. 

7. Can you give me an estimated cost? 

You can ask for a quote when you have the free consultation. It’s helpful to know how much the services are going to cost you. Make sure it’s a not-to-exceed estimate. Ask them if it will cover everything or should you expect additional costs? 

Cleaning and Maintenance 

1. Do you offer full cleaning services? 

Some residential pool services only clean what you can see like pool stains and debris. But, your pool needs thorough cleaning every time, and if you paid for a full service, you have to have it. A full cleaning service should also include brushing, vacuuming, and changing the filters. 

2. How often will you come to my house?  

You should have your pool cleaned at least once a week. However, depending on how many times you use your pool it could be more often than that. Ask them whether they will come on the same day at the exact time, every time. 

Pool Building

1. Can you show me photos of your past work? 

If you’re planning to have a new pool built in your newly-bought home, you can ask for photos of their past work. You can get an idea of what type of pool you want if you don’t have one in mind yet. You can also discuss what will look better for the size and landscape of your space. 

2. Do you build extra features? 

Your pool doesn’t have to look like an ordinary rectangular or kidney shaped pool if you don’t want to. It can be anything you want as long as it fits your budget. You can ask whether it’s possible to have the shape that you want and if the company could add extra features like waterfalls, lighting, patio, and other things you want too. 

3. How long will it take? 

Are you on a deadline? Are you trying to have a pool before the summer season starts? Ask the company how long it’s going to take them to build your pool. When you have an estimated date, you can plan early and work around it if you have a target date in mind. 

Final Thoughts 

Having a pool in your backyard is an asset. It adds to the value and aesthetic of your home. You could be known as the fancy neighbor with a pool in their yard. But make sure that they talk about you in a positive light. Your pool should at least look nice and make sure that it’s always clean with crystal blue water.