Tips and Tricks to Do Garage Door Maintenance Right 

The door of your garage keeps your vehicle and any other items you’ve stored there safe. Without it, anyone could barge inside your garage and steal your possessions. Even if there aren’t any burglaries happening at all in your area, all belongings stored in your garage would get exposed to the elements that could destroy them if your garage door is not intact. Thus, it’s essential that you regularly maintain your garage door for it to serve its purpose well.  

Is it your first time to do it all by yourself? Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you maintain your garage door the right way: 

1. Check how your garage door functions. 

Your garage door may be something that you use every single day that opening and closing it every time have become a mindless ritual. However, even if you don’t notice anything off, you have to deliberately inspect it and all of its inner parts for any abnormalities from time to time. There may be a part of it that’s on the verge of malfunctioning; repair or replace it immediately. 

2. Tighten any loose parts of your garage door.

To protect homeowners from garage-related accidents, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has authored a federal rule known as the Safety Standard for Automatic Residential Garage Door Operators. If you are a homeowner with an automatic residential garage door, you’ll want to make sure that it’s fully compliant with the said federal rule. 

After thoroughly checking your garage door, you may have found out that its roller brackets, nuts, and bolts have all loosened up through frequent use. Your toolbox should have a socket wrench that you can use to tighten the said parts. If you don’t have a socket wrench or even a toolkit for that matter, now is an excellent time to buy one at a hardware store nearest you.  

3. Replace your garage door rollers if they’re already showing signs of damage or wear and tear. 

Your garage door might be creaking too loudly whenever you open and close it. In that case, your nylon garage door rollers may already be chipped or cracked. If they’re made of steel instead, they may already be warped. 

Whatever the material of your garage door rollers may be, you’ll want to immediately remove them once they’re already damaged or worn out and replace them with brand new ones to ensure that your entire garage door is operating smoothly and quietly. 

4. Keep your garage door opener and torsion spring well lubricated. 

You may have already replaced your worn out garage door rollers with brand new ones just like what the previously listed tip told you to do, but your garage door is still making terrible noises whenever you open and close it. You checked every other part of your garage door, and you didn’t find any indication at all that any of them needs an immediate replacement.  

You can thus safely conclude that perhaps all the parts of your garage door that make it squeal like an unfed newborn might need some lubricating. Your garage door may have several components that require lubrication, hinges being an easier one where you can apply lubricant.  

Two garage door parts that you should prioritize lubricating are the opener and torsion spring. For your garage door opener, spray some white lithium grease. For the torsion spring as well as all other squeaky parts, use a lubricant specially made for garage doors. 

Important: Don’t use rust-cutting oil to lubricate any part of your garage door as they aren’t designed for lubrication at all. 

5. Install new weather stripping if the one you’re using for your garage door is already worn out.

The bottom edge of your garage door has a strip made of either rubber or vinyl attached to it. That right there is your garage door’s weather stripping, which helps keep your garage interior protected from dust, water, wind, and snow. If your garage door’s weather stripping is already worn out after years of constant use and exposure to outdoor elements, you should replace it with a brand new one as soon as possible. You can buy it from wholesaler stores in a cheaper price.

For added weatherproofing, you can also install additional weather stripping on your garage door’s top and side edges as well as each of the gaps between its panels. 


Your garage door protects not only your vehicle but everything else that you’ve put there for safekeeping from anything untoward that might happen to them. You’ll want your garage door to serve your enclosed storage needs for as long as you’re living, so you should maintain it on a regular basis. Doing it all by yourself can be challenging at first, but applying the garage door maintenance tips and tricks listed above should make it easier for you to accomplish.