Tips To Choosing A Roofing Color To Make Your Home Come Alive 

When you want to make improvements to your home’s aesthetic, you’re likely going to want to do renovations – but with many parts of a house you can renovate, just what should you prioritize? If you want some advice, you might want to push forward with choosing a new color for your roofing. Choosing this carefully and correctly you’ll be able to push forth with your home’s aesthetic in a lot of ways you couldn’t imagine. In this article, we’ll tackle exactly just how you can do that. 

In fact, you’re not alone in your home renovation journey. First-time homebuyers and millennials do spend a lot just for renovations, with first-time buyers spending as much as $33,800 and millennials spending as high as $26,200 last 2016 just on renovations alone. Those who are 55 years old and older also outspend millennials with their renovations, with about as much as $60,400 in spending that same year. This means if you feel as though you might be alone for this ride, there are people on the same boat. So what’s this got to do with your roofing color? 

Choosing A Roofing Color: What Counts 

With the above in mind, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone in this “quest” to find the best roofing color for your home. If you find yourself a bit stuck, folks from institutions such as High Performance Restoration do have some tips for you to consider. Here’s how the professionals choose their roofing color: 

  • Always consider your overall aesthetic

    One of the key components in choosing a roofing color for your home is to consider your aesthetic. How does your home look overall, and what color will primarily match that? If your home is white with a blue gate, it only makes sense for you to have a blue roof. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, if you’re going to repaint your entire house, it’s best you consider changing your roofing color to match the secondary color as well. 

  • Choose according to your home’s design

    Aside from the aesthetic appearance of the roof in general, do try considering your home’s overarching design as well. Just how exactly is your home going to look like when you choose a particular roofing color? Some modern designs do have contrasting neutral main colors and flashy secondary colors, but some aesthetics tend to have roofs stay as neutral colors. Victorian or Gothic-style houses, for instance, tend to have roofs leaning on the darker side of the spectrum. 

  • Put your climate and weather into consideration

    Aside from aesthetics, you should always remember that the color of your roofing may affect the temperature in your attic. This means changing roofing colors from a darker to a lighter tone or vice versa may very well have a huge different in your home’s cooling or heating cost. For instance, lighter shingles can help deflect more sunlight and cool down temperatures when you’re in a hot climate country. Likewise, darker shingles help sunlight stay and heat up temperatures if you’re in a cold country. 

  • Choose if you want to make a statement or not 

    You can always choose a traditional shingle setup by choosing a neutral dark or neutral light color to match your house’s colors. Likewise, it also makes sense for you to choose a radically different color to make a statement to your neighbors and other visitors of your home. As a matter of fact –  

  • Consider your neighborhood in general

    As there are rules in your homeowner’s association, or if your neighborhood follows a particular aesthetic, it only seems fair for you to follow suit and help match roofing colors with them. This is nice to see, as neighboring roofs that complement one another can boost the overall appearance of the neighborhood as a whole, instead of houses that seem to compete for attention. 

  • Make sure there’s enough of that color in the first place

    When you choose a color for your roofing, make sure there’s enough of that particular color from your local manufacturer. For instance, a particular manufacturer may have created a particular blue roofing color that you’d like – so be sure there’s enough to sustain your measurements so when you do choose to undergo renovation, you wouldn’t undergo that much difficulty in the first place. 

Conclusion: Roofing Colors Improve Your Home’s Overall Aesthetic 

If your hair is your crowning glory, your home’s roof is probably its own crowning glory as well. Aside from your overall exterior wall, your roof is the first thing people will see. As such, it contributes a lot to the overall aesthetic of your home. If you’re one to believe that your home’s aesthetics say a lot about its residents, you may want to consider these tips to choosing a roofing color to make your home come alive. This is extremely important, as it actually enables you to “personify” your home on ways you couldn’t necessarily even imagine.